Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pony Tale - Lyrical Poem

I was required to compose a lyrical poem for English 301.  I wrote this piece for my personal trainer.

Pony Tale

She steps onto the belt
activates and adjusts 
speed and incline,
as Pink implores her
through her earbuds
to "Try." She does. 
A few nonrhythmic steps,
then the perfect cadence,
as her sorrel ponytail
becomes a pendulous
windshield wiper,
brushing unseen schmutz
from her shoulders.
A silken metronome,
now keeping time,
As Eminem urges her   
to "Lose Herself." She does.
Flowing free
Restrained only
By a satin scrunchie
and four-four time, 
swaying smoothly as
the plait of a champion
Dressage horse.

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