Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday 13 - Television Characters - 4/10/08

Thirteen of my favorite television characters of all-time. As you can see, some entries list two characters that are inseparable. As always it was hard to limit it to 13, but these are the first that came to my fragmented mind. They are in no particular order:

1. Greg House

2. Al Bundy

3. Chandler Bing/Joey Tribbiani

4. Cosmo Kramer/George Costanza

5. Frasier/Niles Crane

6. Hawkeye Pierce

7. Tony Soprano

8. Barney Fife

9. Andy Sipowicz

10. Tommy Gavin

11. Ed Norton/Ralph Kramden

12. David Addison

13. Any character played by Jerry Stiller

Due to the limits placed on me by the rule of 13 I limited this to American television. If I had included British television, I would have added Basil Fawlty/Manuel

and Edmund Blackadder/Baldrick:


shaunesay said...

I loved Moonlighting, and Frasier too! The contrast of Frasier and Niles to their father was just hysterical!

I haven't ever watched House but I keep hearing how good it is, so I may have to take a peek at it sometime!

Lucy said...

Great '13' idea! If I was to make the same type of list, Your Numbers 4,5,7,10, 11 and 13 would most likely be on it as well. ( It's difficult to narrow it down to 13!)

Anonymous said...

Blackadder FTW!

journeywoman said...

I loved Hawkey and David Addison.

amy said...

If I had to pick one of these, id pick Chandler Bing! Great list..Hope I remember to stop by again. this is a great blog

mines up

nicholas said...

Frasier was brilliant. I miss it.

Irishcoda said...

So many of these are characters I enjoy too--except for Al Bundy, I guess, I'd have put Archie Bunker there in his place :D

Bethany said...

Awww, Chandler and Joey :) Those were the days...great list!

On a limb with Claudia said...

Gosh, Bruce Willis with hair - that's an odd trip down memory lane! :)

Happy TT!

Patty said...

I agree with Archie Bunker. He would be at the top of my list!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sipowicz! What a great character. And Frasier and Niles...

You have fantastic taste in TV.

Happy TT!

myrtle beached whale said...

I considered Archie Bunker, Lucy, Ted Baxter, Jack Bauer, Lenny and Squiggy, Jack and Karen, and Johnny Fever but had to limit to 13, so they missed the cut. It is curious that I could not come up with a woman that would make my list. It just goes to show they really don't write strong parts for women.

Shyam said...

EXCELLENT choices in the British section! :) Manuel is hysterical - "que?" is the most common usage in my family!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

These are many of my favourites too - especially Greg House & Hawkeye Pierce! Wonderful list :) peace, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

Well, can't believe Lucy and Mary Tyler Moore didn't make your list. :) Oh that would be mine. Also can't believe the Monk fellow you love so much isn't there.