Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - Family - 5/04/08

This week's prompt is "Family".

Warmth when it is cold outside
Smells of chicken frying
Bandages on playground wounds
A hug when I am crying

Proud applause, forgotten lines
A rabbit in a a 3rd grade play
Trying to guess what’s beneath the tree
Long before Christmas day

Risking grievous bodily harm
By wearing brother’s clothes
Giving mother dandelions
She accepted as a rose

Inspecting sister’s first boyfriend
And teasing her for years
Striking out to lose the game
Dad wiped away the tears

But he doesn’t give up on me
Or let me lose my nerve
He pitches to me for hours
‘til I learn to hit the curve

In a hard and hateful world
Where no one seems to care
When I feel I have no friends
My family’s always there

Waving hands and tear-filled eyes
At the airport departure gate
Goodbye to one that’s leaving
It’s those moments we all hate

Though we scatter ‘cross the globe
We’re still of the same heart
And we are still a family
Though we’re many miles apart


paisley said...

oh this was nice.. i really enjoyed it...

forgetfulone said...

Great poem and cool pix! Enjoyed it very much.

Mary Beth said...

This poem really rang true for me. You captured the love and respect that I feel with my family in your words. And I loved revisiting some of the hairstyles from the past:)

Lucy said...

your children are beautiful as are your touching words. I love all the great pictures. Are those your two sons in the first photo? they look like twins.
the line about risking harm wearing brothers clothes.. was A memory jolter!
haha I ALWAYS wore my sisters and the few times she found out...WHoa! It was a war! this was such a warm post..You old mush you! xo

nonizamboni said...

Lovely poem...truer words were never spoken. Wonderful photos too.
Thanks for the reminder of how rich family life can be. I hate goodbyes too.

myrtle beached whale said...


Yes, all those photos are of the same kids. I have two sons and a daughter.

Mary Beth:

When he sees those old photos my son always says, "how did you let us dress like that?" Hey, it was the 70s.

khambagirl said...

Very touching, and true, poem. I especially like the last stanza, as I write this from the Czech Republic!

Anonymous said...

Well written and the flow is
works well with the personal touch of all those pictures.
Miss Rose

keith hillman said...

What a lovely post. The last verse reminded me that I am not alone in having kids - and grandkids - living overseas. So glad I dropped by

Inland Empire Girl said...

I always love it when you do posts about your children. The poem gave even more depth to the post. It is all about family isn't it?

giggles said...

Heartfelt post! Lots of wonderful metaphors for parents love and the joy of family! Really enjoyable! Love the pictures!

Hugs Giggles