Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Gross Words - 5/8/08

The prompt this week is gross. The following are words that are gross to me. Words that are considereed profanity are not included. That would be too easy. Some of these words will appear gross even if you do not know the definition. They are in no order of grossness. There are many more but these came to mind.

1. Phlegm
2. Pus
3. Mucus
4. Queef
5. Septic
6. Sewage
7. Fecal
8. Laceration
9. Prepuce
10. Lesion
11. Pungent
12. Putrid
13. Seepage


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Those CAME TO MIND?? Just that easily?

Man, you must have a gross brain.

giggles said... forgot sludge......ewww...I started out this way...and grossed myself out!! Nice vocab though! Good for scrabble!

Bethanie said...

Mmmm, gross... all except for 'queef', because I'm not exactly certain what it means. I have an idea, though... eew!

Happy TT!

Go Figure said...

Laceration? Come on man. I am with you on the others...but laceration. Surely someone with your heritage and sound upbringing can top that. I realize you do have an extensive list, but...laceration? I mean seriously.

myrtle beached whale said...

Go Figure:

Perhaps I could replace it with muck, corpse, excrement, mange, festering, fungus, schmegma, splooge, bile, dookie, regurgitate, snot, loogey, booger, turd, felch, sludge, secrete, jism, shart, or crevice. Your choice.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Man... I think my thirteen year old students mentioned at least half of these just today!

Go Figure said...

Nice list, much better. Festering is a word I try to use daily! Thus I will go with the old favorite. Actually it is a common law term meaning to fest, and it comes from the Latin deriveration of feast. Not sure how it come out of that but he maybe that is why it is a dead language?

myrtle beached whale said...

Go Figure:

Then festering it is. With my mining background, I was leaning towards muck or sludge, but festering is a good word. I love words that can never have a positive definition.

Lucy said...

ewww and double ewwww. And now that I read your comment to gofigure... YULKKKblah! Bile, that one has to be the ultimate gross word to me.
great gross writing scumbucket!

forgetfulone said...

Queef? And how do you know this word? I didn't learn this word until last year! Great list. I actually like the word pungent.