Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday Scribblings - "My Nights" Writer's Island - "Unexpected"

I had originally written a piece for this week about what I do in the summer evenings. But it was very boring and read like a Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce ad. So I decided to write about one single night at Myrtle Beach, Saturday night. That is why my post is going up late.

I went to see a band called Third Eye Blind. It was a free outdoor concert in conjunction with the annual Sun Fun Festival. I had heard a few of their songs but knew very little about this group other than in my opinion they had one of the best, most original, names ever for a band.

I got up very close to the stage as I have often done over many years of concert attendance. I was easily the oldest person in the area I was standing in by 25 years. There were enough blunts burning to give me a contact high and add to my enjoyment of the music. It was fun to see the twenty-somethings singing along with every song, as I did when I went to see The Stones "final" concert, in London, so many years ago.

Unexpectedly, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I was so impressed by their musical abilities that I came back home and read up on them. The lead guitar player, Tony Fredianelli, was as good as I have ever heard. His guitar solos were amazing. The lead singer and wordsmith, Stephan Jenkins, has penned some incredible lyrics. He has great stage presence and an ability to bond with his energetic audience. He projects an honesty that seems to be missing in many performers. They ended their show with a shortened cover of Stairway to Heaven. Jenkins’ voice sounded very much like Robert Plant used to sound. He nailed it. So many bands sound great in the studio, where their shortcomings can be enhanced by technology, but sound terrible live. Third Eye Blind is actually better live than on CD. Their energy cannot be felt from a studio recording. It was a very memorable night. You are listening to one of their songs right now. Enjoy!

The night before I had stopped to see another concert at the same outside venue from a band that should have been more age appropriate for me, the Catalinas. I managed to listen to about four songs before I decided to go find something fun to do. I think I was much too young to enjoy their music.

To me, they sounded like a very bad karaoke. If I ever have trouble sleeping I will purchase one of their recordings. It will be much cheaper than sleeping pills. They had begun performing in the late fifties and I think their voices deserted them sometime during the seventies. In their defense, they are probably one of the many groups for which the name has endured through the years with a revolving door of personnel. The Catalinas I heard probably had few, if any, original members. They are one of the many “beach music” bands that exist pretty much only in the Carolinas. Luckily most people that enjoy this music will be dead soon. Hey, I am joking here. Remember, “Writing With a Smirk?”


forgetfulone said...

Third Eye Blind - I've actually heard of them so I'll have to take a listen. Sounds like that was a fun night, but not so much the Catalinas!

Redheels said...

I think any night at MB is a great one. I love that place.

The Catalinas have been playing there for years. They are just a name, their music hasn't been good for years. Most of the people listening to them are so drunk they don't really know how they sound, lol, that is why they are still performing.

Thanks for the info on the other band. I listened to them and they sounded good.

anthonynorth said...

There are some good bands making it again after so many years of record companies manufacturing terrible acts.
Youth seems to have got its culture back. Hope it stays that way.

Jan said...

I went to see the Backstreet Boys a couple of years ago and everybody I knew told me I was out of my mind. It turned out to be one of the best concerts I'd ever been to. Their voices and harmonies were truly unbelievable.

I had gotten interested in them from hearing Weird Al's parody for Ebay, too!

Anyway, it can surprise you how some of these young people are doing musically...haha. I wish I had known that concert was going on and I would have gone. I need to start paying attention to life outside of the internet...:-(

I had a similar experience with the music being TOO OLD when I saw Tom Jones a few months ago. With the exception of his Pussycat song, I found out that every "legend" didn't age as well as William Shatner.

Great post!

Giggles said...

I prefer the new Indy music, but also enjoy an eclectic array of old stuff. Although I love a huge variety....I am somewhat selective too! I am always the oldest appreciating anything current!
After all it's just our bodies that get old isn't it!

On another note, the kids in this house have attended the Stones, Willy, Dylan,Lucinda,Rufus last year and hope to see Cohen, and Young this year just to name a few! Concerts are their weakness, over and above everything!

Good music is to be enjoyed by all!