Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ashley Thomas Poem

My lovely teenage niece wrote this beautiful poem. It was obvious I was the inspiration for it. For most of her short life, she has assayed, unsuccessfully, to save my eternal soul. My sister has encouraged this effort and I am thankful for their interest. They frantically pray for me and good thoughts can never hurt, regardless of one's beliefs. I wish I could temper their Christian zeal with a bit of open-mindedness, but that is not going to happen. In their thinking, an axe murderer and I have the same status. Regardless, this is a wonderful, well-written, poem and I wish to honor it here. It is nice to have someone trying to keep me out of hell. At least I will be there with Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. I love you, Ashley. Keep writing.


If you’re lost in the valley of darkness
and you don’t know what to do
Just look up to the Lord
And He will guide you through
If you don’t know which way is up
Just bow your head and pray
And I promise you
The Lord will show you the way
Towards the end of your journey
There is two roads you will find
You will have to choose one
And leave the other behind
There is one that’s wide and broad
That many people take
Until the end when they realize
That there must be some mistake
Because this road leads to destruction
Everywhere you turn
And the only thing you can see
Is the fiery pit that burns
The other road is narrow
That not many people take
But at the end they realize
That they made NO mistake
Because at the end of their long journey
They’ve finally reached heaven’s gate
And they no longer have to worry
About making anymore mistakes
Which one did you choose?

(JULY 2008)


paisley said...

whereas i do agree her form rhyme and sentiment are admirable... i cannot help but wonder why parents are allowed to brainwash their offspring.. surely she was not born thinking like this and it had to be inculcated into her brain...

when off beat religious sects or governments or military factions do it- it is illegal.. it is torture.. it is at the very least punishable by imprisonment,, very often death...

so why is it something to be proud of when it stems from chritianity????

Redheels said...

Nice poem.

I think it is good to know people care about you.

I find some people are a little over zealous when it comes to politics and religion.

Eaton Bennett said...

You are a fortunate man, and have a very loving young niece. There is truth in that poem!:)

Robin said...

She certainly expresses herself well.

You're a lot more charitable than I would be if someone was bound and determined to save my soul. On the bright side, I'll be meeting you down there when the time comes, but I'm sure as hell not heading for the Christian version of heaven.

Giggles said...

Beautiful well intentioned poem from a loving girl! You are blessed with her love. Very nice job Ashley, keep pluggin away at him. Between you and the puppy something may give!

Hugs Giggles

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Nice poem Ashley, Kidologically correct!

Cool Blog too!

tumblewords said...

Well-intentioned! For sure!

Preethi said...

very nice.. she is really good!!

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TC said...

I think you're taking it the right way. With love. That's obviously how she meant it.