Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - People I Didn't Know Were Still Alive - 12/11/08

Thirteen People I didn’t know were still alive:

Zsa Zsa Gabor-The Paris Hilton of her generation. Famous for no reason.

John Forsythe

Kirk Douglas

Karl Malden

Betty Ford

Billy Graham

Ernest Borgnine

Jack Klugman

Elizabeth Taylor

Oral Roberts

Gore Vidal

Abe Vigoda

Jerry Lewis

All these folks had vital signs when I posted this. I hope I did not jinx any of them. Who knows when Betty Ford will "check out". Or Abe Vigoda will swim with the "Fishes". Billy Graham could go to his heavenly reward (not so fast Oral Roberts). Jack Klugman could "couple" with Tony Randal. John Forsythe might join the "angels". Borgnine might "ship" out.


MInTheGap said...

Yeah, it is pretty strange. These people disappear off the map and you don't hear anything about them until they pass.

Interesting list, Happy TT!

Mary said...

Wow... Are you sure they're all still alive? I would have bet money that a couple of them had been dead for years.

I love your TTs, they always make me laugh!

Sherry said...

Wow, time isn't kind to anyone is it? Interesting list!

Nicholas said...

Only just!

Redheels said...

Strange I just saw a commercial for White Diamonds with Elizabeth Taylor in it and I was wondering about her. Just let me say she looked better in the commercial than in your pic. That commercial must be 20 years old or older.

Thanks for posting.

Regina said...

Please add Van Johnson to the list, then take him off. He just died, but I didn't realize he was still alive! Of course he was 92 and in a nursing home, that might be why...

myrtle beach said...

i didn't know jerry lewis was still alive? crazy stuff, he looks like hell in the picture

linda may said...

I thought I heard that Ernest Borgnine died a while ago. Dunno.
And Lizzie Taylor, she was such a knock out when she was younger, isn't that cruel.
Ernest is still cute though,never was handsome but was cute, love that grin.

linda may said...

Hey I just followed a link to Myrtle Beach and saw a map, how long does that strip of sand run for? It looks like a long long way.

myrtle beached whale said...


Nope, he is still alive, but you might have jinxed him. He claimed in an interview that the reason for his longevity is that he masturbates frequently. I am going to live forever.
The so-called "Grand Strand" is about 60 miles long. A small strip by Aussie standards.

forgetfulone said...

Zsa Zsa is famous because her sister was in Green Acres, right? LOL

What a walk down memory lane! Can't believe the pix of Jerry Lewis and Liz Taylor. I used to watch Barney Miller and Fish - Abe Vigoda. And Quincy - Jack Klugman. Wow! This was a very interesting post! Sorry I'm so late getting to it.

Regina said...

Jerry Lewis looks better now. That picture was taken when he was on a lot of steroids. I remember catching the end of the MD telethon and crying when I saw him. I know a lot of people don't like him, but I used to watch his older movies with my dad, and I have a lot of great memories of him.