Friday, January 16, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday - Supermarket Encounter -1/16/09

If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it. You write a story using only 55 words and link it to 55 Flash Fiction Friday. Here is mine for this week.

Supermarket Encounter

Pushing his cart
She guiding hers
She fondling the produce
He admiring the meat

A glance in the basket
Single portions both
How can he eat that?
Is she a health freak?

Eyes meet
Uncomfortable smiles
Not his type
And he's not hers
She’s pretty old
He’s too fat
As they go home alone


Michelle said...

I like this... it's sad, but meaningful! I should try one of these friday 55 things!

Eaton Bennett said...

I love this, such possibilities for the two and yet they let their prejudices and fears get in the way.

Great read!

Redheels said...

Nice 55. It's true also, some people are alone most of their lives, because they are waiting for the "perfect" person.

g-man said...

MBW....A little sad but EXCELLENT!!!
Great job once again!!
Thank you so much for this very thoughtful 55.
Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see your friend Redheels playing again. And Michelle, you DO need to give this a whirl. Please stop by my place....G-Man

paisley said...

it may be sad to some...but for many of us it is the reality... i don't even look anymore... somehow i think "my type" just doesn't exist.....

the flash 55 thing looks fun... i will have to add it to my reader and see what its all about next friday....

Lucy said...

you managed to put a touch of your famous humor in a very sad piece. I've never tried flash fiction but will look it over.

Akelamalu said...

Love didn't blossom in the supermarket then? :(

Great 55!

Anonymous said...

Yeppers, too sad that superficiallity and selfishness sets the precident for our search for companionship. I think sometimes we miss out on some really great people just because they don't fit our criteria. Funny as well is that ofter those with very grandiose expectations may be lacking some of what want in another. co

forgetfulone said...

Very funny, and so true!

tsduff said...

I really liked your 55 ;) well done.