Thursday, March 19, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday - 55 Chevy - 3/19/09

There is a classic car show in Myrtle Beach this weekend and seeing those old cars and their owners made good fodder for my 55 Flash Fiction Friday. I think G-Man can relate.

They call it vintage so they can charge more

Same car he cruised in
When Buddy Holly "Raved On" the AM dial
Getting to second base was something special

Before he’d ever heard of cholesterol
Or erectile dysfunction

They are both antiques
But he just felt vital behind the wheel
He had to have her


Shadow said...

wonderful! i love vintage cars... and don't be so cynical, vintage is more expensive since it has soooo much more experience, hee hee heee

KB said...

Men and their cars - I really don't uderstand why they love them so much.

G-Man said...

I can indeed relate.
The 55 Chevy was a landmark car in the auto industry. It marked the transition from the "old style" to the "new style" of automotive design.
Aned the vintage thing?
Shadow nailed that one dead-on!
Thanks for visiting and playing...
Have a Great Week-End....G

Anonymous said...

Time Portals.....are a wonderful thing. I remember my 65 Ford LTD, the first car I ever had. Turquoise interior, guzzled oil, could carry 7 of my friends, cruizing for boys. Yep, I can relate, I would probably buy one if I had the means. A good friend of mine has a 1973 Nova, she has owned it since she was 20. She's had it restored and what a fun catalyst for memories.

Good job Mr. Ramblings.... You can stroll, drive or ramble down memory lane many ways...this was a great metaphor. co

Mary said...

Somethings are worth the added expense!

ciara said...

i love the vintage cars...not sure if my dad ever had a chevy. he did have a corvair in the 60s though. great 55 :) i'm up if u want to chk it's under the fatherhood friday post lol

Ravi said...

Loved your comment on for the post "Its all Polish for me". Was a real punch. And yes, did go through your blog as well. You have a lovely blog and just couldn't stop reading the older posts as well.

Shannon H. said...

Beautiful car! And my favorite color.

linda may said...

I like looking at vintage stuff too. Today I went to have a look at a vintage guitar and amplifier show. My hubby's interest not mine. He sold an old goldtone amp to a collector there rather than have it rot in the shed. It was from the mid 60's.The guy seemed quite excited to get it and was looking forwards to restoring it.
There was a gold something or other named guitar there for sale with a price tag of $295,000 my god! We also watched a lesson thingy with a bloke playing and comparing guitars and their sounds and why they were different. The oldest one was a stella from the early 20 somethings era made in America. Almost looked like the quarter size ones that you buy for kids to learn on. He was a pretty good muso too.
I loved your spring time post, excellent.

linda may said...

G'Day Back again for another comment. My uncles were always vintage car freaks. My wedding car was a 1930's something big black vintage Buick gangster car. Uncle Wal used to have an old silver lady rolls amongst other things and T model fords and a baby Austin and motor bikes and I would go on a few rallies with them. Good fun. My cousin Joe (my terrible twin)and I used to always get in trouble for playing taxi in some of the old cars he was restoring. How mean, I wonder why he felt like that eh?

orionsbow said...

Rick, man, this is my FAVORITE week all year. You can keep your Harleys and rice burners and all that ear spliting noise. Give me a 409 or a T Bird or even a nasty old Goat snorting through a fine chrome set of lake pipes and I'll be JUST FINE! I've been a car guy, obsessive some might say, my whole life and I love the American classic automobile. If I had now just ONE of the numerous cars I had as a young man growing up in Kannapolis, NC, I'd not only be a lot happier, I'd be a lot wealthier. I had a cherry 1969 Mustang GT with a factory installed Ghia interior option and a factory mounted Hurst comp shifter. That little baby had the 351 that barked the tires in first and second gear, not too bad for an automatic. Sold it to Bill Elliot's son. I had two Ford Rancheros, a '70 and '73, two '75 Monte Carlos, a 32 Chevy, a 66 Barracuda, a '66 Chevy II Nova, a
'65 Ford Falcon SW and a '73 Caddie CDVille. Out of all those great cars, I didn't keep a single one for the sake of posterity. WHO KNEW? Well, as they say, hindsight...Not to despair though, I have my eye out for 6os T Birds and 80s El Caminos. I'll get another classic car and be cruising again soon. You watch!

Michelle said...

There's just something about getting behind the wheel of a vintage car that does that to a person! ;)

Redheels said...

I love those old cars......when I see one on the road it makes me smile. I guess it must be the memories it brings to mind.

Nice 55!