Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have never set a woman on fire - 10/14/09

I went golfing last week with a dear friend of nearly 30 years, Mike Sova. It was one of the most enjoyable golf days I can remember. I think I enjoy golf more now that I don’t play as often. The weather was spectacular. I played well (for me) though Mike is a much better player (younger) than I am. When he hits 3-wood and I totally nut a driver, we hit it about the same. We played with two other geezers, which assured I would not be last on the tee all day. I also saw my first baby blue heron. Amazing! But that is not what this post is about. It is about relationships.

As I chronicled in an earlier blog, (click here) I once set Mike on fire. I contend that cremation will test a relationship. The fact that we remained friends is a testament to the difference between men and women. I have never set a woman on fire, but in spite of that virtue, I have never maintained a relationship with one anywhere near as long as my friendship with Mike. Oh, there were small transgressions and isolated incidents of inconsideration, but nothing compared with setting someone on fire. I know that in India it is permissible to set one’s wife ablaze if she pisses you off. I just leave, or she does. Seems like an easier solution to a squabble and it doesn’t waste valuable gasoline.

Maybe I will log onto and in my FREE personality profile state: Straight, overweight, nonsmoking male, 50s, with a poverty level income and no prospects, that has never incinerated a woman, seeks soul mate. That should create some buzz.

It is possible that Mike has maintained our friendship, looking for the right moment to ignite me or is just waiting for me to spontaneously combust. As they say: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Or in this case, hot. Or it could be that his reprisal is just to humiliate me on the golf course for the rest of my life. Anybody got a match?


Dr. David W. Powers said...

Frankly, I'm surprised you've never set a woman on fire.
Nice entry. It went everywhere from golf to baby herons to settling marital squabbles in India without ever making me feel jumpy. Very smooth on the transitions.

myrtle beached whale said...

Thanks David. My ADD is apparent in my writing.

Go Figure said...

Whale: Golf? Hmm. I guess.

Orionsbow said...

Mike doesn't appear to be any worse for the wear and the fact that he still comes around and allows you to provide fodder for his vastly superior golf game is a clear indication that he is either the forgiving type or the incident fried enough of his brain cells for him to have misplaced the pain of it all. Either way, I would think twice before before attending one of his backyard

Anonymous said...

Actually, I've always considered my husband to be a girl (he, he). Go Rick, "Baby Come On Light My Fire!" Mrs. Sova