Tuesday, January 29, 2008

10 signs a book was written by me - Meme from Lucy

I was tagged by Lucy and this is my input:

10 Signs a book was written by me.

1) It is never finished but no one notices
2) The protagonist is a woman with loose morals and a tight body
3) There are lots of pictures
4) It makes absolutely no sense at all
5) It shows up on Ebay immediately upon publishing
6) It does not appear on Oprah's book club list
7) The ACLU burns it, it is banned in 40 states and Puerto Rico
8) Stephen King is afraid to read it
9) It is written at a 4th grade reading level
and the 10th Sign a book was written by me:
Proceeds are donated to starving people in Africa but they reject it saying "We are not that hungry"


Lucy said...

haha NO way it doesn't make Oprahs book club!
I can imagine # 2 being a truth, but that's about it Rick. I imagine your signs being "It is hilarious"
"It is flying off the shelves" " The author will be on 'the view'! "Mel Brooks has adopted it for his new film"
* Can you tell I will buy the first copy? :))
thanks for doing a great job with the meme!

giggles said...

Hilarious, sounds nefarious enough for me to read!!! You can send me a signed copy!!! I’m not afraid to read it!

Go Figure said...

Alright, MBR, I will admit, that was funny. No doubt true, but funny.

Just Jen said...

LOL, that's hilarious! Very creative, I'd buy that book...

rebecca said...

HA! Hilarious! LOVED it!