Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baseball on Television - 7/11/09

Today I watched the Fox broadcast of the Yankees and Angels and though my Yankees got drubbed it was one of the most enjoyable games I have ever watched. What made it so pleasant was that for most of the game there were no announcers. I do not know if it was a technical problem or not but it made the game amazing. I often turn off the sound during a televised game to avoid the inane comments of the announcers. What made this broadcast even superior to a muted version is that I could still hear the sounds of the ballpark. It was just like watching it from the stands. I could hear the crowd, the crack of the bat, and the pop of the ball into the catcher’s mitt. I could hear the Angels fans boo Alex Rodriguez as he hit two home runs.
While announcers were essential to a radio broadcast, they are totally unnecessary for television. There is not one announcer that enhances the game for me. They spend most of their time stating the obvious. “That pitch was high and outside.” Really? I could have sworn it was low and away. Then they feel the need to fill any silence with ridiculous statistics and minutia. I don’t care that Jorge Posada bats .400 on Tuesdays following a new moon or that the Yankees are undefeated when leading by 10 runs in the ninth inning.

I can see and interpret all important aspects of the game without assistance, as can anyone who is enough of a fan of baseball to actually watch an entire game.

One of the most absurd aspects of televised broadcasts these days is the interview of managers between innings.

Announcer: “So, what does your team have to do to win this game?”
Joe Girardi: “It is important that we score more runs than the other team.”
Announcer: “What can Joba Chamberlain do to reduce his pitch count and number of walks?”
Joe Girardi: “He needs to throw more strikes.”
Thanks so much for that insight.

I hope Fox plans more of these announcerless games. I don’t usually watch baseball unless the Yankees are playing but I might start. Not really, when the Yankees werer not at bat I went over to CMT and watched my favorite film, Field of Dreams.


Go Figure said...

Whale: HA! Great post. I spend my time wondering what the big deal is about "Cap and Trade". In baseball everyone gets a cap, and they are subject to a trade. So politicos, go home and...Play Ball!

raymond pert said...

Do you remember when NBC, on 12/20/80 broadcast the Jets and Dolphins without any announcers? It was great. Baseball crowd sounds are better, but it was fun just hearing the crowd and p.a. announcer and just watching the game.