Thursday, July 2, 2009

South Carolina - I Love Her - Too Bad about the People - 7/2/09

I absolutely love living in Myrtle Beach but it is sometimes awkward admitting to being a resident of South Carolina. Any national publicity always results in us looking like a bunch of booger eating morons. I know you have probably seen this clip but a few years ago our representative to the Miss Teen USA Pageant embarrassed us all by her inability to coherently answer a simple question. Someone please translate her comments for me. I think at one point she said something about Osama. One of our best and brightest?

Our governor, Mark Sanford, has proven to be a complete jackhole on the national stage and we elected this tool to our highest office twice. He is the face of South Carolina.

But today I had the opportunity to experience South Carolina stupidity firsthand. A brand new bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway was opened and the ribbon cutting was yesterday. This is one of the signs for the traffic flow for the new bridge.

How embarrassing is this? Someone made the sign, someone approved the sign, someone hung the sign. One sign could have slipped through the rigid Department of Transportation quality control, but two?

There is an advantage to living in a state where an IQ above the temperature reading qualifies one for MENSA. I enjoy being one of the smartest people in the state. No question why all the best colleges and universities in the Carolinas are in North Carolina.

The really bad thing is that I am certain this stupidity is not limited or indigenous to South Carolina.

It is just where I am able to observe it daily.


raymond pert said...

It's good to see His Royal Smirkness back blogging.

orrionsbow said...

So, I'll speak to the sign in a minute. About the question for the Miss Teen whatever pageant. See, if you'll listen to the first few words she said, um...the ending part for the middle of that whole, um...because the state mandates a different, calendar and if all the students from one place, um...are sent, to, the better schools where the don't allow the bla, um...I mean, the, well, those higher levels of learning, um, nature, be alright. See, I just don't see what's so confusing. Now, the bridge. I thought you knew. Since the bridge was partially constructed with lottery funds, heretofore designated only for education, this bridge is known as "The Bridge to Education" and the sign is the first spelling exercize. Simplie.

myrtle beached whale said...

There were actually two signs spelled incorrectly that I saw but at 40 MPH I could only manage to take one usable photo. I am guessing this is a "Bridge to Special Education." The longer I live here the more I love North Carolina.

Redheels said...

Why am I not surprised by

Laura said...

OH MY...I am not sure what to say!

Laura said...

Oh My...hanging my head for our town

MarmiteToasty said...

ok, this made me smile LOL