Wednesday, February 13, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday - 2/15/08

This is a challenge that requires you to write a story using only 55 words. It is harder than it sounds.

Encouraged by his family, he found himself standing exposed and vulnerable. Eight hours waiting among the hoards of hopefuls. It was his turn. The first notes had barely sprung from the Sahara of his mouth when Simon exclaimed, “dreadful.” Randy said, “not good dawg.” Paula was passed out. He took that also as a no.


giggles said...

Hilarious!!! hahaha still laughing!

smarmoofus said...

Very cool theme! I really enjoyed it!

Did you go and sign up on Susie's blog to let everybody know you're participating. I'm afraid I don't get a lot of traffic so you won't get noticed if you only posted with me. *sad but true*

Welcome to the 55!

Lucy said...

haha THAT sums up that show! Paula does look zonked all the time doesn't she? what is up with her Rick? I still love to watch though! Everytime I drive and sing in the car.. my 15 yr. old tells me ( with a serious face!).. Mom, you should try out for american idol! haha 20 years too late and with no talent... I just love that compliment.

Just Jen said...

Oh that about explains the whole show! in 55 words!
(I didn't count them so I'm trusting you!)

Anonymous said...

I know this was too easy for you!
Great ideas and I liked theme flow of this piece.
Miss Rose