Thursday, February 28, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday - 2/29/08

Another celebrity just died
They drop like flies it seems
Pills to wake up and pills to lie down
Drug induced sleep without dreams

It seems the life of the privileged
Is not much of a life at all
From a place at the top of the world
It is a long way to fall


Little Wing said...

Such a terrible waste.
Such a troubled young man.
Rest in Peace, Heath.

giggles said...

Sadly true. So much between the lines of this poem. My bone of contention with the media is that mental illness is not taken seriously enough. It goes undiagnosed all too often, bipolar, clinical depression. People misconstrue and exploit manic episodes, as well as depression. Substance abuse is often hidden under the guise of these illnesses, as the patient attempts to self medicate. Very sad. Rarely do we hear the media speak of functioning adults with mental illness. Also the fact that often times recreational chemicals can exacerbate dormant mental illness. It would be advantageous to the public if these illness were discussed in a more educational rational forum....rather than dragging these poor souls through the mud. Well done!

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

This is so well written, you speak so much truth here. I wish that more people would write about it, there is much to be lost by hiding away from it.

Thank you:)

rebecca said...

i think to not be famous protects us from certain stresses and expectations that others place upon you...can you imagine living your life trying to please the public, your industry and yourself all at the same time with bars that are sometimes placed too high? it was such a terrible tragedy...he was so gifted and, i believe, we had not yet seen his best....

Akelamalu said...

That just about sums up the celebrity lifestyle!

Anonymous said...

Writing has a great flow.
The subject is really current to today. I totally agree with giggles about the public prejudice towards mental illness and it is my opinion that many treatments actually cause "the guise" and leave many behind in "ashes".
Sad to say "literally". The whole science of treatments are merely experimental. The pills are rushed to our teens and the mentally ill like new toys are in the toyland and candy in the checkout line.
Miss Rose

S said...

Gotta know when to hold em
and know when to fold em.....

He didnt.

Thank you for playing 55 with us! I have not written a 55 this week but your is fantastic.
Have a lovely weekend

Jen said...

The husband and I were both very saddened by Heath's death. We both very much liked him as an actor.

Giggles makes a very poignant point.

May God bless your soul, Heath.

Lucy said...

very true very sad words. it IS a long way to fall,
And they fall in front of the entire world.
great post Rick.