Thursday, February 21, 2008

A MEME From Gathering Round The Table - 6 Habits

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I got this meme from Gathering Around the Table
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Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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Let's go:

1. As soon as I wake up in the morning I turn on the TV for company. Usually it is just background noise and I am not paying attention to the programming. I live alone and really enjoy the company of television. But I cannot sleep with it on, so I let it rest through the night.

2. I pick at my fingernails. I don’t bite them, I just pick at them. Normally, when I am bored or driving. As a result I have never had any fingernails and they are always sore. I have done this my entire life and it will never change.

3. I constantly blaze a trail to my refrigerator. This is something else I have done my entire life. My mom used to scold me for “swinging on the refrigerator door.” Lately, I have cleaned my refrigerator out and eliminated most of the unhealthy items that I previously stocked. But that does not keep me from opening and hoping. I will wager that my fridge light has more on time than my reading light.

4. On my journey to the refrigerator, I almost always check my door locks. This is part of my OCD activities, of which there are many. I also find myself checking the switches on my range frequently. When I am driving, I constantly check the gauges and light switch. I also routinely pat my back pocket to check that my wallet is there. I realize I do all these things and often laugh at myself, but I still do them. I am like Monk without the deductive reasoning talents.

5. Like my TV, my computer is always on. Unlike my TV, I don’t turn it off at night. It is in my bedroom. My screen-saver displays a slide show of family photos. Unfortunately, I have found that women are not apt to engage in kinky sex in front of my grandchildren. I also check my email any time I have an idle moment. As a result, most of the people I correspond with think that I am on the computer all day. I guess they are right. Though I don’t sit in front of the screen all day, I am available if I am at home.

6. I am trying to cultivate new positive habits. The newest being that I try to write something every day. This is a difficult habit to incorporate into my life, as I had not really written much in years. I am almost certain that I would not do it without discovering sites such as Sunday Scribblings, Writer’s Island, 3 Word Wednesday, and 55 Friday. The feedback I receive from reader’s comments inspire and motivate me. I have met many “friends” through these contacts, and though we will never meet, we learn a lot about each other through our writing.

Feel free to do this meme, but I am tagging, Lucy, LittleWing, Giggles , Robin, and Heather.


giggles said...

Interesting and fun post, with a few chuckles in the mix! Thanks for tagging, and linking me, I may do it in the next few days! I know what you mean about the hum of the television in the back ground.Great to hear about your writing everyday!You are so talented! I started that two years ago, it's be a life altering experience!

Hugs Sherrie

Robin said...

I do that same refrigerator checking thing, but I also check all the cabinets too. Despite the fact that I do most of the food shopping and know exactly what is in there, hope springs eternal...

Thanks for the tag, and I really enjoy your writing too.

Little Wing said...

"Unfortunately, I have found that women are not apt to engage in kinky sex in front of my grandchildren."
Thanks for the tag and I will get to it soon!

Lucy said...

Your not half as weird as I thought you would be! haha ( just kidding of course) My husband also loves the tv for background noise, although he keeps it humming all night too, which drives me crazy. I am like you with the door locks Rick!
So glad you've been motivated to write again, I think you could have a career of it if you chose to

Lucy said...

OH! I forgot to thank you for tagging me, Mine will be up in a few minutes! :))