Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted - 11/4/08

I just returned from voting. I always get a good feeling from exercising my right to participate in the governing of my country. Every time I walk through the VA hospital, it renews my belief that, for me, voting is not just a right, but a responsibility. Many have died or lost body parts protecting the freedoms that we often take for granted. The least I can do is take an hour or so to honor their sacrifice.

I know our system is flawed. It is disappointing to me that the two party system seldom offers me a candidate that I can get behind and I usually end up not voting for someone, rather against the John Kerry's of the world. That is definitely the case today. Neither party has provided a person that gives America much hope of solving any of our many problems. Actually, I don't believe any president can have much affect. But I will continue to vote anyway.

I met a woman in line that is voting for the first time in her life at 48 years old. Listening to her talk convinced me that she is voting because her television told her to. It probably even told her who to vote for. I also saw several homeless people herded in to vote. Because they had no residence and probably no identification, they had to cast a paper ballot. I am certain the election will be settled long before these manual votes are tallied. Chic-fil-A was giving free sandwiches to all voters and a local church was giving donuts and coffee, so it was a good day for the homeless and me. Those perks were in addition to whatever the party that collected the strays offered them to cast a ballot as instructed.

The beauty of the one person, one vote, system is that whether a homeless person or a billionaire, for the few minutes it takes to vote, all are equal. I take great pleasure in knowing that my vote canceled out Oprahs.


Anonymous said...

Great Post! The good day for the homeless and me comment cracked me up! Love ya. Carly

Redheels said...

Hear, hear!!

My grandmother always said being able to vote was a great privilege. She voted at the first election that women were allowed to vote. I have voted since I was 18 years old and would never miss. I am always surprised when I hear about people who don’t vote.

Songwraith said...

Wonderful post! I know your time outside the U.S. has reinforced your determination to be an active part of the process! I think a record turnout is predicted (so, whoever wins, their will be more folks with "bitching rights" this go-around).
Virginia (yes, I voted here this a.m.) may be a good acid test for pollster accuracy. If folks sampled were honest, VA is supposed to go Democrat this time (which is an upset). If the folks sampled were not entirely...
Additionally, there was recently released data that shows what the media spent on the candidates; markedly more money spent on the Democrats. It will be interesting to see if that monetary focus on the Democratic candidates may have also skewed the data for the predictions (we will know soon).
A favorite blogger of mine recently came across with a flagrant endorsement of one candidate--on her blog that I don't read for her political views. She lost me.
I like your encouragement to vote--without taking too hard a stand. (We will all see what shakes out.)
Thanks! (again).

Go Figure said...

Ah, voting, reminds me of the book Big Trouble by Dave Berry, where the hero, upon first arriving in Florida was paid to vote...several times. HA! Heck, a write in candidate won the election for Sheriff in Shoshone County! Votes do count and they are counted.

Anonymous said...

HA! Love it. "Whether homeless or billionaire, during the couple minutes it takes to vote, they are all equal. I'm just glad my vote canceled out Oprah's" GREAT! This has been my first time voting. I was too young and had no care for politics as a 22 year old last election. It is a right AND a privilege to vote. I am glad I participated. We are a red state anyway, but I thought I should let let the world know just how red(neck) we are. Love the blogs!
-Nick W.