Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Sign of the times - 11/12/08

A fried chicken place goes under in Myrtle Beach. What is next, a fireworks stand?


Anonymous said...

Well, you can't swing around a dead cat without hitting a chicken joint in Myrtle Beach.....what the heck did think would happen!!! Maybe since the sign is already there, "Churches", someone could open drive up churches with chicken as the sacrement!!

myrtle beached whale said...

You also can't swing a dead cat at Myrtle Beach without hitting a church. Believe me, I have tried it. I think some of them actually use chickens in their service.

Myrtle Beach does not have the absolute best Chicken Joint, Popeyes. Churches wasn't very good, but was a calico's throw from my place. They did have great biscuits. If you can't make it in South Carolina selling fried chicken, you suck. I knew they were in trouble when I drove by there one evening about 8 and they were out of spicy chicken and weren't going to be frying any more that night. If you are a chicken place and don't have any chicken to sell, you suck. That is like the time I went by A and W and they were out of Root Beer. How does that happen? Do they have any other reason to be open? Another time, they were out of Ice Cream, so I couldn't get a root beer float. What are they known for?

Redheels said...

I'm a Popeyes chicken girl. You know if you live in the south, fried chicken is considered a staple.