Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Things we have in the South that you don't in the North - 11/13/08

These are the first 13 things that came to mind that we have in the South but you don't in the North.

1. Sweet Tea (You might have it in the north, but yours sucks)

2. Southern Rock (You get it second hand)

3. Disney World

4. Palm Trees

5. Alligators (not in a zoo, on the freaking golf course)

6. 20% Illiteracy rate and climbing (see 10, 12, 13)

7. Grits

8. Waffle House (slowly moving North)

9. Carolina Rooms (you may have a sunroom but not an official Carolina room. Oh yeah, we also have the sun)

10. The KKK and overt racism (I know you have skinheads and such but no robes and hoods)

11. December golf in shorts

12. Boys named Billy Joe Jim Bob but go by Bubba and marry their cousins (who work at the Waffle House)

13. Real NASCAR fans


Nicholas said...

Hooray for the sun and the Waffle House!

Anonymous said...

You can keep the grits. :) haha. Carly

Anonymous said...

Keep the KKK too :) Carly

forgetfulone said...

Love your comment about sweet tea. I don't like grits, but I may be the only southerner who doesn't. Waffle House makes great cheese eggs, and I love Lynyrd Skynyrd songs! This was a great TT!

Redheels said...

I am southern through and through. I just wish southerns were not associated with the KKK.

Well the picture of the nascar fan with the number 3 shaved in the hair on his back made me wish I wasn't quiet as southern. :)