Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 Word Wednesday - Money - Tangled - Understood - 3/19/08

He knew what he was about to do was wrong, even sinful, but he couldn’t help himself. As she approached him, his tongue was so tangled that articulate speech was impossible. He swallowed hard, but there was no liquid in his dry throat. He focused totally on her. She was so beautiful and dressed to entice. As her inquiring blue eyes met his, he hoped he could be understood.

The money was rolled up in his sweaty fist. He hoped he had enough cash to add a bit extra for her effort. There were so many options and each one carried a different price and a unique risk. He knew whatever he chose would be satisfying and he would soon enter into that world of comfort he desired so much. As he contemplated his desires, he realized he was about to indulge in his one true vice. His need for instant gratification far exceeded his need for caution and self-respect.

In a sultry voice, she finally vocalized, “have you decided, darling?”

“Yes”, he stammered, “I think I will have the Crème Brulee.”

“Oooooooh, very decadent”, she purred.

“And a glass of ice cold milk” he added, throwing caution to the wind. Deciding he might as well totally clog those arteries.


pia said...

That was so sinful--and so unexpected

keith hillman said...

Nice post and a great ending. And my, she does have long legs!Could you move your writing over so we can see the complete picture! Only kidding.

Remiman said...

Who would ever name their daughter, "Crème Brulee?"

tumblewords said...

Too funny - and the photos surely pulled me in... funny!

Lucy said...

haha! You wild and crazy guy. I really thought you were going for the Eliot Spitzer special.

gautami tripathy said...

Rick, you are getting so wicked!

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Anonymous said...

This was brilliant...very clever! I didn't expect that ending at all!....
Thank you- great post!

Bone said...

The money was rolled up in his sweaty fist. He hoped he had enough cash to add a bit extra for her effort.

Love it! Most clever.

And on an unrelated note...Safety Dance!!! Yes! At least, I hope that's your page playing it. Otherwise, my computer is royally screwed up :)

Anonymous said...

I was so involved in this post, you can almost always surprise me, and you did with this one. I loved it.

TC said...

Love. It.


Greyscale Territory said...

Utterly hysterical!

There is nothing better than having one's expectations for some stereotypical romp being dashed!

Loved it!