Friday, March 7, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday - 3/7/08

I had better explain this a bit or not everyone will get it. I have always had a theory that the rarity and thus the value of Gold and Diamonds is vastly overrated. How can something be rare when it exists in every jewelry store, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, department store, E-bay, Craig's List, etc? Every woman you pass on the street has some on, not counting what is back in her jewelry box, safe deposit box, and locked up in Fort Knox. Ear wax is probably more rare. How about kidney stones? Why are they not of value? I am certain they are more rare than either gold or diamonds. Anyway, with that in mind here is my 55 words for this week:

Mankind has been misled
We have been deceived
Diamonds and Gold are rare
We always believed

Every little jewelry shop
In every town you know
Has cases full of diamonds
And in drawers below

Doubt my premise?
You can prove it in a flash
Take your precious jewelry
And try to turn it into cash


James Goodman-Horror Writer said...

oh, excellent 55 and so, so, so true. :D

SignGurl said...

Excellent 55! I was just thinking about trying to sell some of my precious gold this weekend. We shall see.

Akelamalu said...

Ah yes, diamonds and gold were rare only when the average person couldn't afford to buy them. Now everybody has some.

Great 55.

Mine's up too. :)

Mona said...

wow! Excellent 55!

PS> I feel that value is not in rarity, it is in Quality! :)

Thanks for your visit & kind words!

lime said...

hahahahaha, well done and absolutely spot on!

myrtle beached whale said...


that may be true but 99.9% of consumers have no idea about quality and take the word of someone else what is quality. Quality matters not in gold. It is the actual content of gold in the item, 24 Karat being pure gold. Buy a $2500 diamond ring at one jeweler and take it somewhere else to try to sell it. You might get offered $100. So how did it depreciate?

Lucy said...

I've never thought of this in this way! SO true, Why ARE they considered rare when they are on everyones hands, ears and necks? (oh and for the hipper folks...bellybuttons, noses, lips ,private parts)
great post bud!

Anonymous said...

Loved the rhymes and
it is all really true.
Keep up the great writing.
Miss Rose

Little Wing said...

I have a totally different theory on gold, there are gold miners in my family!
Gold is up to a thousand dollars an ounce right now, that is a LOT of money.
Actually I love to go panning and have a small collection of gold right now!

myrtle beached whale said...

Little Wing:

OK, here is your ounce of gold, where are you going to get $1000 for it? Where is this magical place that buys gold at that price?

Anonymous said...

Even though, I am a girl, I totally agree with the whole jewelry thing. I only own one piece of jewelry that would net me over $25 at a pawn shop. I would much rather buy a video game or attend a sporting event than to receive flowers or jewelry. Get me superbowl tickets, I will love you forever.

myrtle beached whale said...

I think jewelry is a big waste of money, though television has convinced us that if we don't give a woman a big diamond, we just don't love her enough. An ideal woman would be one that is appreciative of a new fishing pole, a sand wedge, a great dinner, or theatre tickets.

As far a value of things go. I have a baseball card that all price guides say is worth $500 but it sells on EBAY for $75. The value of something is exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. I have an ounce of gold. Who is going to give me $1000 for it. I will sell it tonight. Give me a buyer. I thought not.

giggles said...

I agree, they are overrated! I would prefer a colored stone any day....amethyst preferably!

Anonymous said...

Great post!!

I agree, but I do like the sparkle!

Little Wing said...

Hey you, if you watch the stock market you will see what gold is up to.
The gold that you get from panning can either be small nuggets or flake gold that looks like fine sand.
A good sized nugget you can sell to a jewelry store.
There are places all over northern Cali. where you can sell gold, they will give you 700-800 an ounce for it, then they clean it and sell it to the big gold buyers.
I agree it is over-rated, I don't even like gold, I prefer silver, and very little of that.
Earings, belly ring, watch.

myrtle beached whale said...


so what you are saying is that gold is valued at $1000 an ounce but you can only get $700-$800 an ounce. Then, that means to me that gold is worth what you can get for it. The brokers that say it is worth $1000 an ounce are lying to us.

Ginger Doll said...

If someone bought me gold / silver or diamonds as a gift I'd then know that they knew nothing about me.

Now a good book (or three), some concert tickets or some cracking music I haven't heard before, that's entirely different. Indeed, as I sit here typing I realise the only jewellry I usually wear is my wedding ring (rose gold, second hand, about $30). And that's just for sentimental reasons!

Good post, thank you.