Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - American Idol Rejects - 3/6/08

These are thirteen of my all-time favorite singers who would have never made it past the auditions of American Idol. They are in no particular order.

1)Neil Young

2)Eddie Vedder

3)John Lennon

4)Tom Petty

5)Bruce Springsteen

6)Mick Jagger

7)Billy Joel

8)Joe Cocker

9)Garth Brooks

10) Toby Keith

11)Roger Daltrey

12)Robert Plant

13)Bob Seger

I can hear Simon now, “Eddie, I have no idea what that was. I didn't understand a word of it.” “Mick, your facial expressions scare me” “Joe, what is wrong with you, you flail around like a spastic” "John, your vocals are good enough, but no one will remember you" "Garth, I seriously doubt you would have any commercial appeal" Or Randy would observe: “Neil, you had some pitch problems Dawg.”


keith hillman said...

I don't think Bob Dylan would even have made the auditions!

Darla said...

Oh, I can just imagine the comments!

Lucy said...

haha!! I'm still laughing about Simons comments to Joe Mick Eddie and John! Hysterically Funny Rick! I love your taste in singers ( with the exception of Brooks, sorry to say I haven't given him a try)

forgetfulone said...

Yep! I think your comments are right on the money! But they are some of my faves, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. I can almost hear Simon's voice in my head.

Dane Bramage said...

That was hilarious! I'm surprised no one has thought of this "What If" for a sketch show or spoof movie.

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Brittany said...

Very funny TT! I have to agree the comments would be very entertaining. Thanks for visiting my TT!

Anonymous said...

LOVE them, Love them and Love your writing and Simon too!

rebecca said...

ok, so i would have been the only one voting for veder, jagger, joel and plant....

myrtle beached whale said...

Unfortunately, you wouldn't get the opportunity. They would not get past the audition phase.